18 September 2013

Symptoms of HIV in Men

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a very harmful disease. Many a time, the symptoms of HIV become difficult to be detected and treated. Often, it is confused with something else like that of flu. In such manner, the harmful virus goes undetected. The first symptom of HIV is fever blended with headache and eczema (occasionally).

The HIV virus attacks the immune system and makes the body weak. Thereby, the body becomes unfit for fighting other viruses such as flue or any kind of skin germs. In regular medical tests the intake of antibiotics never takes place while in HIV the antibiotics are administered as soon as possible.When a man gets HIV infections, the body becomes very sensitive. Some psychological problems erupt. The early symptoms of HIV are generally discomfort stages. The patient remains in a state of constant discomfort and suffers from fretfulness or dearth of social interest.

The above mentioned symptoms are found much before the HIV virus spreads in the entire body. The first symptom that signals the presence of HIV virus is not feeling well. The infected person is unable to remain in a state of comfort. Noticing the initial symptoms is the first two weeks is very tough. This is so, as the body is not yet prepared to create antibodies to fight against the disorder.

If you or anyone experiences continuous discomfort then he or she surely needs to get checked with suspicion being HIV. The patient becomes depressed and remains depressed most of the time  and the interest to be among people decreases. These symptoms may be hard to spot but are very important to be detected. The first symptom if hic does not permit one to remain normal. One will get restricted to one’s own house. Depression will become a part and parcel of the patience life.

After two weeks the body starts growing antibodies. Therefore, you can find out if or not it is HIV. This is considered to be the best form of test to identify if or not the disease is HIV. However, waiting for two weeks without treating the person would not be ideal. Some people, who are lucky get to know it from day one. For men, it becomes extremely difficult as they are always busy. For them to not feel good is an everyday affair. To differentiate the reason of their depression being HIV is next to impossible.

11 September 2013

HIV Aids Symptoms- Things to Remember

It was in the 1970s that the harmful disease HIV was discovered. It simply added to the woes of humans. The number of people suffering from HIV is on the rise. The birth of the disease is not easily detected. However, it comes into picture mostly last stages as in the latent period the virus shows variable characteristics. The treatment is not always very effective. However, it is highly advisable that you adhere to precautionary measures to combat the disorder from day one. Therefore, having adequate knowledge about HIV infection and its symptoms is necessary.

Not less than 400 million beings have been diseased with this harmful virus. Roughly, 12 million people have lost their life while they were fighting the disease. Innocent kids and adults, all have fallen prey to this disease. The upsetting detail is that AIDS is a permanent disease.

On top of that, HIV spread through body fluids spreads very fast. If at any point of time, you understand that the disease is due to HIV virus, then immediately take the patient to the doctor. It is true, that comprehensive cure is impossible but availing medication available, one can lead a normal life at best.

Semen, blood, breast milk and vaginal secretions are the fluids through which HIV spreads easily. HIV virus cannot spread through air, water or food. It spreads through the infected fluids to the healthy person. The way in which HIV may spread are:

  • Sexual contact leads to transfers or exchange of body fluids. Saliva brings along the virus and transmits it from the infected person to the healthy person. 
  • Use of infected syringes and/or needles too inject drugs in one’s body 
  • Blood transfusion to patients from an infected person
  • Expected mothers injected having HIV could pass the virus to the child at the time of delivery and breast feeding 
  • If common people have knowledge about HIV, the spread of HIV can be controlled to a large extend. The symptoms of HIV should be known to one and all. 

Even if you have been found to be infected with HIV, yet not everything is lost. There are medicines that can make you live longer in a healthy manner.

HIV Aids Treatment
The average patient will antiretroviral drugs are available for curing people infected with HIV. More and more number of drugs is being made every day. Prognoses are not very effective when it comes to HIV treatment. Generally, HIV patients die after a span of 10-11 years. It is advisable to talk advice from doctors regarding preventive measures from HIV symptoms rather than suffering from it.