03 October 2013

Basic Information about HIV and its Symptoms

The number of women infected by HIV virus is considered to be much more than that of men. You live in lifestyles that involve excess mixing and matching of men and women, then there lies huge chances of the harmful virus taking birth. Want to know how? About the symptoms and its cures? Then keep reading. It is estimated that more than 7 million people have lost their precious life because of this HIV virus. Therefore, it is vital for us to know about this disorder and its symptoms so that we can be aware of it and save our life.

If you have now of late experienced unprotected and unsafe sex, then you are on the verge of developing this HIV virus. The first thing you will notice is loss of weight. This can happen due to diseases like diarrhea also. You will face loss of appetite even.

The second of the many symptoms that the patient would notice is swollen glands in the armpits, neck and groin areas. The swollen glands are a sign of the body trying hard to fight against infections. When your body accepts outsider matters that invade the body system, it will try its best to ward off the matte as fast as possible. However, if the attempt is not successful then the foreign matters remain.

The third symptom that you can keep in mind to check the presence of HIV virus is fatigue. The patience body will start paining at uneven times. The patient will find it hard to do physical and mental works. Fever and sour throat will become very common. There are many, especially women who keep ignoring these symptoms, which they should not. If the problems are not treated at the bud then they will get elongated. In such case, a state might come when it becomes impossible to cure.

For women: the menstrual cycle of women become abnormal if compared with the past. Missed periods and after few days they might get no periods at all. In case, you had sex recently and you are experiencing abnormal periods the chances are high that you are having the virus.

For women, the most significant change occurs in the vaginal area. You might face recurrent vaginal infections which might include yeast infections. The infection may lead to pelvic inflammatory and abdominal pap smears. There are chances that one might find ulcers and warts also. 

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