06 August 2013

Early Stage Symptoms of Hiv Aids

Early Stage Symptoms of Hiv Aids
HIV is an unnerving and truculent virus that makes our immune system weak. It eventually destroys the immune system and leaves a person vulnerable to a deadly disease called AIDS. It destroys the cells which help to make oneself better at the time when one is sick. Thereby, stopping the progress of getting into normal.

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The first part describes humans being susceptible to HIV. The middle part of the disease states that immunodeficiency attacks the immune system. Immuno refers to the immunity system. Deficiency means lack of and immunodeficiency implies – lack of immunity. The last part of the phrase Virus implies HIV the harmful virus. HIV is a disease that duplicates by taking over cells and manufacturing them as their own.

If you get a view, that this virus makes patients die a quick and painful death, then you are yet to know more about it. HIV is not as presumptuous as it may appear to be. HIV virus may be present in one’s body and you can still have no clue about it. The virus can hide for a long time. Slowly and steadily, it can make you’re your immune system weaker than never before. The T-cells or CD4 cells would be consumed by HIV in no time.

The symptoms of HIV are weird. There will be a certain type of dizziness and fatigue that you would have to face. Fever, tiredness and headache would become common. You will not feel like eating anything which will lead to loss of weight. The patient will develop regular diarrhea, nausea and regurgitation.
This period generally lasts for a period of ten years in adults. For small children, the time slot is less than 2 years. As time elapses, the patient will start suffering more and more. Other symptoms will arise such as swollen glands. Loss of energy would take place enormously. Pelvic inflammatory disease in women is quite common. A few patients may even suffer from memory loss.

HIV, no doubt is a serious virus. It leaves the infected susceptible to other diseases and viruses. It kills the cells that protect the human body, slowly and craftily. The initial symptom that the patient would be seen suffering would be fever with a massive headache and loss of appetite. Memory loss takes place in the next stage. A person with HIV generally survives for a decade. 

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