28 July 2013

Aids Rash – Something To Notice And Be Aware Of

Aids Rashes
There are individuals, whose skin show eruptions after a small period of time of them suffering from AIDS. It is true, that not all people experience skin rashes but the majority do. There are many who show skin eruptions in the initial days while again in the near future it disappears. The HIV virus may or may not lead to AIDS if treated properly. It is important to have prognosis. Remember, everyone’s body is different and reacts differently to anti-viruses.

In case you see tiny dark bumps raised off the skin slightly which is seen on your chest, face, back and neck also people with very light skin, might have a red or reddish brown hue. Bear in mind, there are a number of colors of rashes. You should keep checking and consulting doctors.

Other HIV symptoms which may be seen along with AIDS rash are pains and aches. Fever, headache and thrush are also seen. These aids rashes generally, disappear in a weak or two. There are many who find drinking low sugar elderberry syrup helpful as it displays antiviral qualities. When a doctor fails to find the reason for the rise of the rash then the HIV test should take place. If it is tested and proved then excess inflammation can be cured or treated earlier. Histamines could be blocked and allergic reactions can be stopped id treated at the bud.

As there are a number of rashes, testing is the one and only method in which one can understand if it is HIV or not. There can be stress rashes also. Rashes can be in circles or raised burbs. Again, ring worm like Tinea Corposis is common types of fungus that leads to rashes. Then again, rashes can be due to other diseases like herpes zoster shingles and also chicken pox virus. The busy life people have started living presently, has made stress rashes emerge to be one of the most common types of rashes.

It is wise not to assume if you have or not HIV Virus. It is always advisable to seek medical attention and get it diagnosed as soon as possible. The grave consequences of having HIV are not hidden from anyone. Life is not to be lived in stress. There is no need to live in fear. After all, life with fear is very stressful.

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