30 January 2012

Sculptra - For People Who Want to Reverse the Ravages of HIV

An HIV infection can change your life for ever. Not only do you have to deal with the stigma of getting infected with HIV, you would also be required to be prepared to look frail and sick. You may even have to face some discrimination at the work place.

As it is, HIV can make your life a complete hell. However, with recent medical developments, the lifespan of people living with HIV has increased considerably. With a number of antiretroviral drugs having entered the market, the average HIV infected guy can hope to live a longer life.

Now, since HIV is such a deadly disease, therefore, you need to go through really strong medication, in order to keep AIDS at bay. However, these strong medications take a toll on your health, along with your physical appearance as well. As a result people begin to look frail and weak, with maximum damage been done to the skin, which tends to turn loose.

Of late, there have been a number of health treatments, which caters to the needs of the HIV patients. One such treatment is Sculptra. It is a sort of inject able filler, which rebuilds the skin from inside. It does so, by stimulating the collagen of the body to add more volume to the skin.

This gives you a tighter and firmer skin, which has more elasticity. And if you do have doubts about Sculptra, then in that case, you would be glad to know that, Sculptra has recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration department, for the cosmetic treatment of the skin for people living with HIV.

Sculptra is a skin filler made of Poly-L-lactic acid and is injected under the skin. The result is a fairly good looking skin which a person living with HIV can never imagine. The effect usually last for two years.

Some of the major advantages of Sculptra are as follows:

1. It helps a person living with HIV to lead a healthy life, by looking healthy. As it is, Sculptra would not make you feel healthy, but would definitely give you that fuller look. So, people do not actually know that you have HIV, unless and until you tell them about it.

2. A healthy looking skin can actually work wonders in giving boost to your self confidence. With an improved self confidence, your motivation level rises as well. As a result, you tend to live longer.

Although Sculptra does little to heal HIV infection, it is a great deal helpful in improving the mental state of the patient. This is because; a person with HIV infection has to undergo a lot of emotional trauma. Sculptra can go a long way in lessening this trauma.

22 January 2012

HIV/AIDS -Related Stigma and Discrimination

A major cause of the rise in the number of HIV positive cases has been the stigma attached with it. Although a lot many facts have been revealed about HIV/AIDS, it is still considered a taboo. Due to this reason, people with HIV infection often have to face a number of discrimination both at work place, as well as the personal front.

Many of you might have watched the movie Philadelphia. Tom Hanks as the victim and Denzel Washington as the attorney fighting for his rights made it one of my favorite movies till date. It is one of the very few movies, which dared to touch a very sensitive topic, i.e. discrimination with HIV infected people.

But before we can actually move in the direction of eradicating discrimination on the basis of HIV infection, it would be better to understand the main reason why, such a kind of discrimination actually takes place.

The following are some of the main reasons, why HIV is considered to be such a stigma:

1. The first and foremost cause is that, HIV/AIDS is an incurable as well as life threatening disease. Due to this reason, HIV/AIDS is one of the most dreaded diseases. Most people do not wish to get in touch with an HIV infected person, simply because they do not want to get infected themselves.

2. Another reason for seeing HIV as a stigma is the fact, that, it is associated with a few activities like drug addiction and prostitution. These activities are generally considered immoral and so is it thought about the people who have been infected with this disease. Apart from that, HIV is also associated with homosexuality, which is also considered a taboo in many cultures.

3. Apart from this, a number of rumors associated with it, make HIV a highly stigmatized disease. In fact, rumors about HIV are a great problem, which have been instrumental in making it a stigma, as well as helping it spread across to a large number of vulnerable people all across the globe.

It needs to be understood here, that stigmatizing the disease, would not actually solve the problem. In fact, it further adds to the problem, by helping HIV/AIDS spread further.

A large number of people stay away from getting them tested for HIV infection, mainly due to the stigma associated with it. Many of these people are actually infected with HIV. Timely testing would not only help them improve their lifespan, but would also stop them from spreading the infection further.

08 January 2012

Colloidal Silver and HIV Infection

With science developing by leaps and bounds, we have done great for us, by coming up with a number of products. However, when it comes to HIV, we still do not have much significant stuff in our hand. As it is, we still do not even have a cure for HIV; leave alone a cure for AIDS.

We are still left with prevention as the only hope and only option to deal with HIV/AIDS. However, there has been rapid advancement in this regard. With the development of the antiretroviral drug therapy and the rapid advancement in this field, we are still left with some hope.

Apart from focusing solely on the antiretroviral drug therapy a number of alternate medicinal courses have also come up, giving an HIV infected person a lot of hope. Many of these medicines focus on the natural way of dealing with the disease. Colloidal silver is an important addition to the list of alternate medicines.

Colloidal silver is a liquid solution consisting of microscopic silver particles, which are electrically charged in distilled water. As it is, colloidal silver has not reportedly resulted in any side effects, mainly due to the fact, that, it does not have any harmful chemicals. Moreover, it is generally prepared through non-chemical method. Due to this reason, Colloidal silver is becoming increasingly popular.

Colloidal silver has been found to be quite effective in enhancing the immune system of the body. They have also been found to have anti viral and antibacterial properties. As it is, silver is known to be, highly toxic to most microbial cells and has long been used as an antimicrobial agent, for the treatment of a number of diseases.

Silver and its various compounds, such as silver sulfadiazine, have been used in many medicines as antimicrobial agents. Researches state, that colloidal silver acts as antimicrobial agent mainly through three ways. Firstly, it attaches itself to the virus and absorbs the surrounding oxygen, as a result of which, the microbe is unable to breathe and dies quickly. Secondly it hinders the enzyme production capacity of the microbe, which is very essential for its survival. Thirdly, it also acts as an inhibitor in the duplication process, which stops the microbe from spreading further.

Due to these properties, colloidal silver is being increasingly hailed as one of our best bets as far as treatment for HIV infection is concerned. Colloidal silver can be used in a number of ways. It can be taken both orally, as well as by way of intravenous injections. However, it is required to be taken in regulated dose and hence you should consult your physician before you start with colloidal silver.

01 January 2012

Important Facts on HIV/AIDS Orphans

In the last few years, HIV/AIDS has killed millions of people. A direct result of this catastrophe has been the dramatically high number of children, who have lost one or both their parents to AIDS. According to a rough estimate, there are more than fifteen million children who have lost their parents to AIDS.

As HIV is staring at us with a satanic smile, it is really pathetic to find ourselves in such helpless situation, where, we are left with no other alternative, than to save the unaffected people from getting infected. As it is, HIV does not have any cure till date, and more so, a cure is not even visible in near future, makes the future extremely gloomy.

Children are the worst affected in such cases. Apart from bearing with the extreme trauma of watching their parents die a terrible death; the afterlife is full of challenges. With virtually no help from the society as such, children having lost both the parents are there on the streets, at the mercy of others, which is indeed hard to find in today’s date.

Society is extremely harsh on these children who often carry the virus themselves; and even when they do not, they are always suspected of carrying the virus. As a result, they have to face a lot of discrimination from the surrounding environment. Little souls crushed under the weight of their parents deaths due to AIDS; they often end up as easy targets of human trafficking.

It is estimated, that there would be more than fifty million orphaned children in Africa alone, by the year 2010. You do not have to be a Sherlock Holmes, to adjudge the fate of these children and what kind of treatment is going to be meted out to them.

No wonder that a majority of these children are not going to die a premature death. More so, with both their parents dead; these children are left totally dependent on grants and charity for their HIV treatment. Since grants and charities are hard to come by, most of theses children get no treatment as such.

With the current global count being close to Fifteen million, in regard to children with both parents lost to AIDS, the condition is pretty bleak. The seriousness of this condition can be judged from the fact that, in 1990 the proportion of children who lost parents due to AIDS was just under 2%, whereas this level rose dramatically to reach more than 28% in 2003.

Another disadvantage, which these children face, is the lack of availability of medication suitable for young children. Despite all the retroviral drug therapy that we have, we still do not have enough medication options which are suitable for children. As it is, the antiretroviral drugs are pretty hard and can not be administered to children.

Children are the worst affected lot, as far as the HIV/AIDS epidemic is concerned. We ourselves are to be blamed for this; which means, that it is our responsibility to do something in this regard.