11 December 2011

Preventing HIV/AIDS and Other STDs With Safe Sex

HIV is an incurable disease and sadly does not have any cure till date. Therefore, it becomes all the more important for you to take precautionary measure, so that you do not get infected by this fearful disease. It is worth noting that there are a number of ways which can prevent you from being infected with HIV.

Sexual intercourse is by far the most common mode of transmission in case of HIV/AIDS infection. It therefore becomes very important for you, to practice safe sex, in order to save yourself from getting infected with HIV.

The following are some of the safe sex practices, which can help you in prevention from HIV infection:

1. Sexual abstinence
One of the major reasons for spread of HIV at such a rapid rate is unprotected sex. Therefore the best thing to do for you, if you do not wish to be infected with it is, to go for total abstinence from sexual activity, till you are married to a person who is tested free of HIV.

2. Monogamous relationship
 You always have the chances of getting infected with HIV, if you are having sex with a number of people. So, a monogamous sexual relationship with a person tested free of HIV, considerably reduces your chances of HIV infection.

3. Sexual protection measures
It may be so that you may not overcome the urge to have sex. However, you should never indulge in unprotected sex. Although condoms do not completely eliminate your chances of HIV infection; they surely do reduce your chances of infection by a considerable margin.

In case of condoms and other barriers of infection, it is better, to take care of a few things. First of all, you must use a different condom, every time you have sex. You must always use latex condoms. For lubricants; avoid using oil based lubricants, or petroleum jelly. They can damage the rubber of your condom. Use water based lubricants instead.

4. Avoid open cuts and wounds
Open cuts and wounds considerably increase your chances of contacting HIV. It is therefore advisable to refrain from open cuts and wounds. It is worth mentioning that, although HIV transmission has not found to take place in case of kissing; some cases have been reported where HIV transmission took place, due to bleeding gums.

Safe sex is an option that you can hardly forego, if you do not wish to be infected with HIV infection. Accepted, that it is rather tempting to go for unprotected sex, but you should always consider the grave danger to your life, which poses in the form of HIV/AIDS. Therefore play safe and avoid AIDS.

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