25 December 2011

Highest Hiv/Aids Affected Nation Swaziland

HIV is a world wide epidemic and has been responsible for millions of deaths all across the globe. Africa is one of the most severely hit regions, with Swaziland being one of the top most affected countries, with an HIV prevalence rate of 42.6%.

With the average life expectancy dropping drastically, HIV/AIDS was soon declared a national disaster by King Mswati III in 1999. However, despite this, HIV continued to increase its spread and the average life expectancy continued to fall; so much so, that currently it stands at less than 32 years. It may sound unbelievable, yet it is true. Add to this a declining economy and you have a perfect recipe for disaster.

Some of the major reasons for such a disastrous journey are as follows:

1. A major reason for the widespread damage that has been caused by the virus is stated to be lack of proper knowledge in regard to the spread of HIV at such an alarming rate amongst people of Swaziland. As it is, the majority of the population has little or no access to proper education, leading to unawareness in this regard. A result of this; HIV continuing its spread.

2. Lack of proper testing facilities is another cause, as to why HIV has affected Swaziland to such a large extent. Lack of proper infrastructure is a main cause for the inadequate number of testing facilities; as a result of which, this virus has spread to such an enormous extent.

3. Also, Swaziland being a poor nation is not in a position to afford the costly medical treatment, which is required in such cases. So, while the rich nations have been able to upgrade their medical facilities to increase the average lifespan, Swaziland has to remain content with outdated medical facilities, which are many a time, of absolutely no use.

4. With the rising death toll, the economy has been severely affected, which makes it further difficult to address the situation. So, lack of proper nutrition leads to rapid growth of the virus. As a result AIDS strikes faster than what it would usually do, as the immune system is already weakened due to lack of proper nutrition.

Swaziland is on a high alert and the situation is getting murkier with every passing day. One needs to realize the fact that our brothers and sisters residing in Swaziland really need our help and it is our duty to help them, on humanitarian grounds. Therefore, my personal request to you; donate generously for the cause.

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greg said...

Tanzania in Africe is i think one of the worst affected by Hiv. our company based in U.S. has put a foundation that gives vaccine to affected people in Tanzania, they allot a certain percentage from the sales of glutathione which we are selling worldwide.