12 October 2011

What is A Vital Part of HIV Nutrition

HIV being such a deadly virus, with no cure till date, the only thing that an HIV positive person can do to increase his/her lifespan is to improve upon the immune system of the body. As it is, vitamins can play a major role in this.
HIV is a virus that weakens our immune system. It therefore, becomes very important for a person suffering with HIV to keep his immune system in good shape, in order to delay the arrival of AIDS.

Since the primary aim should be to keep your immune system in good shape, therefore, proper nourishment plays a very vital role in this regard. As it is adequate nutrition in the form of Vitamins, minerals and more importantly in the form of carbohydrates and fats can play a very pivotal role in delaying the onset of AIDS, thereby improving the lifespan of the patient.

Vitamin C is by far one of the most essential vitamins as far as strengthening the immune system is concerned. You can get a good supply of Vitamin C, by including lots of citrus fruits like lemon and tomatoes in your diet chart. However, vitamin C has its own disadvantages in case of antiretroviral drug therapy.  It would be therefore better, to consult a physician, to know about your ability to intake Vitamin C.

Vitamin B12 is another vital nutrient for an HIV positive person. Studies have shown that proper intake of Vitamin B12 can help in fighting problems like deficiency could lead to anemia, depression, neuropathy, rashes, and fatigue, along with serious problems like lymphocytes. Products like beef and chicken are rich in vitamin B12.

Along with these, proper dosage of Vitamin A can help in enhancing the production of helpful body chemicals that fights off the ill effects of HIV. As it is, Beta-carotene can be very effective for an HIV positive person in delaying the arrival of AIDS. Products like eggs, fish and milk are good sources of vitamin A.

Along with these, vitamin B1 and B6 can also prove to be very good for you in warding off the ill effects of HIV.
A major aspect of HIV infection is acute weight loss. Proper intake of carbohydrate and fat can help you in overcoming this problem. In fact, it has been found that, people with HIV infection burn more calories than average. Due to this reason, an above average intake of carbohydrates and fats is often recommended.

Protein is also another important nutrition that should be a part of your diet chart. This is because, people with HIV infection, tend to have a very low lean mass count. An adequate dose of protein can help you deal with this problem.

With the help of proper nutrition, you can improve upon the immune system of your body and increase your life expectancy as well. However, you must always remember, that, a more than required intake of nutrition can also be quite harmful. You should therefore, consult your doctor, to know about your proper dose of nutrition.

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