12 October 2011

What Is a Serodiscordant Relationship

A serodiscordant relationship is a relationship, is one of the most challenging aspects of HIV infection. A serodiscordant relationship is a relationship in which, one partner is HIV positive and the other partner is HIV negative.

With a rapid growth in the number of HIV positive cases, such relationships have become quite common in recent times. Needless to say such relationships involve lots of feelings and quite often lots of stress. Most of such relationships do not last for a very long time; and the love and mutual understanding begins to crumble as soon as the HIV positive person begins to show signs of weakening.

Things may turn out to be pretty ugly at the time of diagnosis. When the HIV negative partner comes to know about the infection of the other partner, a number of thoughts spiral his/her mind. The very first thought that may appear in mind that this was a result of infidelity on the part of the HIV positive person, or may be due to drug abuse. As it is, in both the circumstances, the relationship is not likely to be continued for very long time.

Another challenge that is quite common in such relationships is that, one partner may constantly feel threatened of being infected with the virus. With still no cure for HIV, this is quite normal. Despite using protective barriers during sexual intercourse, there is always a significant amount of risk involved. Due to this reason, the HIV negative person may not be very keen on continuing the relationship, which may result in a feeling of being neglecting in the HIV positive partner.

Even if the relationship continues, the HIV positive partner is always under constant guilt of putting the other partner’s life at risk. This may further result in frustration and in many cases, severe depression.

However, it is better to accept the fact rather than grueling your mind as to WHY ME syndrome. Once you accept it, life would become much easier for you. As it is, in any relationship, the emotional aspect plays a more vital role than the physical aspect.

Due to this reason the number of serodiscordant relationships has taken a rise in recent years. Along with this, the stigma associated with HIV infection has also drastically reduced in recent years.

Nevertheless, serodiscordant relationships have a significant amount of risk involved in spreading the virus to the other partner, mainly through sexual intercourse. It is therefore advisable to practice safe sexual intercourse in a serodiscordant relationship.

A serodiscordant relationship involves a number of emotions. It is therefore required to go about with such relationships in a sensitive manner.

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