12 October 2011

Non-Profit Organization helping African from HIV AIDS

When it comes to the AIDS epidemic, Africa is perhaps the most affected place on earth. Scientists have attributed this to a genetic code which makes them more vulnerable to the virus along with lack of proper infrastructure, as far as prevention from the disease is concerned.

According to a rough estimate more than ninety percent of those living with HIV reside in the developing nations, with an absurdly large chunk of this population residing in Africa. It therefore becomes all the more important for us, to strengthen our fight against HIV, with Africa being a region of prime focus.

Of late a number of non-profit organizations have come up, in order to support the cause of spreading education in regard to HIV/AIDS, as well as providing medical as well as other aids to those suffering from HIV.

Unfortunately many of these organizations are actually fraudulent. It is really sad to see that even in this hour of crisis; some unscrupulous elements indulge in fraudulent activities and misappropriation of resources.

However, most of them are actually doing a lot of good work in this regard. Most of these non profit organizations focus on rehabilitation of orphans, who have lost both of their parents to HIV. Others try to provide AIDS education, in order to prevent the disease from spreading further. They also try to eradicate the myths surrounding HIV, which is also of great help in prevention.

Since Africa is an underdeveloped region, therefore, it is very unlikely that, people here can afford to pay for the antiretroviral therapy. Some non-profit groups have also sprung up to address this problem. So you have many non-profit groups providing medication to the HIV affected people free of cost.

Despite this, when we look at the situation, we find all these efforts to be grossly inadequate in dealing with the situation. As it is, a majority of these groups employ semiskilled employees, with little or sometimes absolutely no medical knowledge, making the situation really dangerous.

Apart from this, another problem, which these groups face, is lack of funds, due to which, there activities get restricted to a few areas. Not just that, it also puts restrictions on their ability to employ skilled labor.

As it is, the situation in Africa is absolutely critical and the services of these non-profit groups are absolutely peanuts as compared to what is actually required. It therefore, requires us to move across the boundaries of race, culture and nationality; and extend our help to the cause of these non profit organizations.

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