28 September 2011

How the Fight against HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS has grown into a sort of epidemic in today’s times. What makes it so deadly, is the fact that, it is a life threatening disease, which still does not have any cure. Although we have a number of retroviral drugs and medications, which help in increasing the lifespan of an infected person, it can not definitely be said to be a cure.

Now sadly, we do not have too many options that we can think of, when we consider a fight against HIV/AIDS. So, until the day, we are able to find a cure for HIV, the best way to fight this disease, is to prevent oneself from getting infected.

The following are some of the ways of prevention from HIV infection:
1. Blood transfusion
 In case of blood transfusion, you should always get the screening details of the blood. Similarly in case of organ transplantation screening would save you from getting infected with HIV.

2. Use sterilized needles
You should always use sterilized needles and disposable syringes, if you do not wish to be infected with HIV. By doing this, you significantly reduce your chances of infection. It is better to avoid piercing and tattoos; and even if you do wish to get a tattoo or piercing job done, then make sure, that the needles are properly sterilized.

3. Sexual abstinence
Unprotected sex is one of the major reasons for spread of HIV at such a rapid rate. Therefore the best thing to do for you, if you do not wish to be infected with it is, to go for total abstinence from sexual activity, till you are married to a person who is tested free of HIV.

4. Monogamous relationship
Having sex with a number of people would always increase your chances of getting infected with HIV. So, a monogamous sexual relationship with a person tested free of HIV, considerably reduces your chances of HIV infection.

5. Sexual protection measures
You should never indulge in unprotected sex. Although condoms do not completely eliminate your chances of HIV infection; they surely do reduce your chances of infection by a considerable margin.

6. Avoid open cuts and wounds
Open cuts and wounds considerably increase your chances of contacting HIV. It is therefore advisable to refrain from open cuts and wounds.

7. Precautions in case of pregnancy
 If you are pregnant, it is better to get an HIV test done. There are a few medication facilities, which considerably lower the chances of transfer of HIV from a mother to her unborn child. Also take advice from your doctor in regard to breast feeding, if you have been infected with HIV.

Apart from these basic steps, a considerably important step in regard to your fight with HIV is spreading awareness. Since unawareness is one of the major reasons for the wild spread of HIV, a major step in our fight with HIV, would be to spread awareness in this regard.

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