28 September 2011

AIDS virus and the race war

One of the most significant developments in light of the gradual growth of HIV/AIDS as a killer epidemic is the floatation of a number of conspiracy theories. Most of these conspiracy theories harbor on the idea that, HIV/AIDS is a man made disaster.

As it is, further debates on this topic have led to a general boost to the already prevalent race war among the people. The following are some of the race related theories which have been floated for some time:

Conspiracy theory one: - AIDS/HIV is a virus designed by the US Government to eliminate the entire black race.
This theory is one of the most common theories of all times and has been in the circuits, for more than a decade. The theory has also found favor with a majority of people from the black community, as Africans and Afro-Americans are among the worst hit people. According to a recent survey, more than ninety percent of those affected by HIV/AIDS live in the developing and underdeveloped world.

Due to these reasons, the conspiracy theory that the HIV/AIDS virus was evolved in the US laboratories, as a well planned genocidal move to eliminate the non-white race. Irresponsible comments by many members of the Congress have added further fuel to the controversy.

Many more related conspiracy theories, suggesting the involvement of the WHO in the mass murder and genocide of the colored people have also surfaced in recent times. As it is, there were even claims that the vaccination program conducted by the WHO is a conspiracy to inject the black race with HIV/AIDS virus.

Conspiracy two: - HIV/AIDS was a laboratory experiment conducted on the black race.
This is another theory, which has become very popular in recent times. Supporters of this theory claim that the HIV/AIDS virus was actually part of a laboratory program, which went wrong. As it is the experiment was conducted on a number of people belonging to the black community. However, the experiment went wrong and HIV began its journey and continues to do so. People also suggest that, even when the experiments went wrong, practically no steps were taken to prevent it from spreading further. This was primarily because, the people at stake were not from the white community and so, the US government chose to play it down.

Conspiracy theory three: - HIV/AIDS is not at all a virus
This is by far the most bizarre theories of all times. Of late, it has been able to find favor with a number of people all across the globe. Supporters of this theory suggest that, HIV/AIDS is not at all a virus, but instead it is a result of certain drugs and vaccines which have been administered to the public and primarily to the black race.

There have been a number of conspiracy theories, related to the evolution and spread of HIV/AIDS. As it is, HIV/AIDS is one of the biggest problems till date and instead of focusing on who and why it started; it would be much better to focus on how to end it.

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