28 September 2011

About AIDS and population control

With HIV becoming the biggest epidemic to challenge mankind, it is time to take some concrete steps in this regard. However, most people seem to be more concerned with the origin of the disease, rather than think of ways to stop the menace from getting out of control.

A major blockade to all the efforts of controlling the growth of HIV/AIDS, is the floatation of a number of conspiracy theories. One of the most popular of these theories is that, HIV/AIDS is in fact a man made disaster and has been developed by the US Government to control the population of the non whites.

This is one theory which has done great harm to the efforts undertaken by the UN to control the growth of HIV. As it is, the theory readily found favor with a majority of people from the black community, as Africans and Afro-Americans are among the worst hit people. This is very much evident, as according to a recent survey; which stated that more than ninety percent of those affected by HIV/AIDS live in the developing and underdeveloped nations of Africa and Asia.

As it is, the conspiracy theory revolves around a perception that the HIV/AIDS virus was evolved in the US laboratories, as a well planned genocidal move to eliminate the non-white race.

As if this was not enough, irresponsible comments by many members of the Congress have added further fuel to the controversy. Along with that, every now and then we have a retired CIA official or a retired FBI agent coming up with exclusive news in this regard.

These people claim to be forced by their conscience, into bringing such matter into the notice of the public. It is such an irony that these people do not get a call from their so called conscience, while they are still in office.

So, they come up with secret information, exclusively for the notice of the public on the basis of classified documents, which they had access to, while they were in offices. You are bamboozled by this latest piece of information and curse the government for its purely racist approach.

It would be interesting to know that, not just the US government, but even the WHO was not spared. As it is, the supporters of this theory have also suggested the involvement of the WHO in the mass murder and genocide of the colored people. There were claims that the vaccination programs conducted by the WHO in the 1960s and 1970s were in fact a conspiracy to inject the black race with HIV/AIDS virus.

Such theories have been quite detrimental to the world population, not only by way of deepening the racial divide, but have been very instrumental in jeopardizing the UN cause of controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS. In fact, in recent years many HIV infected people from the black community have stayed away from antiretroviral drugs under the suspicion that it may further worsen their condition.

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