06 August 2011

Steps To Follow Before And After Hiv Tests

Being asked by your physician to undergo an HIV test done may result in a lot of anxiety and stress. In many cases, patients may assume him/her to be infected, even before they actually go for the tests. Due to social as well as personal causes, a patient may feel insecure and go through a broad range of emotions. Most often people panic and refuse to go for the test, due to the fear of testing positive.

It therefore, becomes very important to take a few steps before the tests are conducted, in order to provide emotional succor to the person undergoing an HIV test. The following are a few steps which can be taken to do so:

1. Pre-test advice

a. The first thing that you need to do, before undergoing an HIV test, is to get mentally prepared fro it. This is because, unless and until you are mentally prepared for it, there are always chances of you getting panicked and refusing to go for the tests at the last minute.

b. You can go for a pre test counseling to overcome the wide rang of emotions that you may be going through. This would help you in going through the test without any mental fatigue. By giving a boost to your confidence level, a pre test counselor would ensure that you face the test with no or less anxiety and fear.

c. Another thing that you can do is to spend some time with your family and friends. Watch a movie with your buddies, or help in setting up a tree house for your kids. Such activities would help you a lot in lowering your stress level and help you in facing the test with full confidence.

d. You must always remember that, irrespective of what might be the outcome, you would always enjoy life the way that you did earlier, minus the risks that you had been getting yourself into.

2. Post-test advice

a. Even if your initial tests confirm you to be HIV negative, you must always wait for the second tests, which would typically happen after six months to the first tests. During this period, you need to get your self mentally prepared to face the results.

b. If you have been diagnosed with HIV, then in that case, you would definitely need a post-test counseling, to overcome the trauma that you might be going through. Such a session would help you realize the fact that all is still not lost and there is still a lot that you could do.

c. Along with this, you can get in touch with some healthcare provider, which would help you in getting information regarding proper medication and other facilities. As it is, you would get to know about the various antiretroviral drug therapies which are available to you.

Life is so beautiful, that it does not end with an HIV infection. All you need to do is realize this fact. Even if you are an HIV patient, there is a lot that you could do. The best thing is to spread awareness in regard to HIV. Also, you yourself can provide pre and post counseling sessions to those who are undergoing HIV tests and help them get out of the trauma.

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