06 August 2011

Late Stage Symptoms of Hiv Aids

A person with HIV infection may look to be perfectly alright in initial stages. However, signs begin to show, with the onset of AIDS. Typically it takes eight to ten years for HIV to develop into full fledged AIDS. With effective medication available in the form of antiretroviral drugs, onset of AIDS may be further delayed by five to six years.

However, HIV will finally develop into AIDS and when this happens; you will suffer from a number of physical ailments. Although initial stages of AIDS may not show too many symptoms, but with AIDS severely damaging your entire immune system, you would come across a number of symptoms in the later stages.

Typically, an AIDS patient in the later stages would show a number of symptoms, some of which are as follows:

1. The most common symptom that marks the arrival of a later stage in AIDS is frequent exhaustion along with giddiness. Although such symptoms may be present in early stages as well, but conditions tend to get severe in the later stages.

2. Another common sign of the later stage arrival is distorted vision. This is a common feature among AIDS patient. However, all the patients may not show such symptoms.

3. Later stage symptoms, may also show severe numbness in the limbs along with constant weakening in the form of loss in muscular control and strength.

4. Continuation of high degree of fever, along with shivering is a common feature. Conditions begin to deteriorate with the passage of time and may even prevail for weeks. Since the immune system is already corrupted, there are few chances of getting rid of such conditions.

5. Women suffering from AIDS may suffer from acute vaginal infection along with swollen lymph nodes. Such situation may also be present in earlier stages as well.

6. Acute weight loss is another condition, which is a common feature in such stages. With frequent weight loss, the chances of revival are very low.

7. Another common feature in case of AIDS is infection of the ears, nose and the throat. Such infections are very common especially among children and may take a long time to heal. In some cases, they do not heal at all.

8. Appearance of white patches and rashes all over the body are some other common symptoms which may be present in such circumstances.

9. Several forms of cancer are also prevalent in the onset of the last stage of AIDS. Cervical cancer and Kaposi’s sarcoma are some of the most common cancers in such conditions.

10. Along with these, memory loss along with a loss of cognitive abilities may also be prevalent among the patients. In many cases, these symptoms are accompanied by personality as well as behavioral disorders.

AIDS states the onset of a very arduous and difficult journey. However, it definitely means you have to give up. We all know the end result in such conditions, but a true fighter never gives up; and as we say defeat never comes to you unless you accept it.

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