06 August 2011

Importance of Aids Education

HIV/AIDS has the potential to cause far more damage than any terrorist attack. It is a lethal disease and sadly, it still does not have any cure. As it is the only way to cure it is by way of prevention. A major cause of the spread of HIV at such a fast rate has been the lack of awareness. It therefore becomes very important for us to spread education in this regard. This is because; the higher the numbers of HIV positive people, higher are the chances of others to get infected by this disease.

Due to this reason, it is very important for us to spread education in this regard. Typically, AIDS education would help us in the following ways.

Since HIV is still an incurable disease, therefore, prevention from HIV/AIDS is the only solution that we have, as far as curing the disease is concerned. By spreading AIDS education we can help in prevention of this disease.

The best way of prevention from HIV infection through sex, is to go for total abstinence from sexual activity. So, by staying away from sexual activity till a person is married to another person who is tested free of HIV; would save him/her from HIV infection via seminal/ vaginal fluids. Apart from this, many people indulge in unprotected sex. A condom can be an effective way to avoid HIV.

Apart from that, open cuts and wounds are another mode of HIV infection. Also, usage of sterilized needles and disposable syringes can also be an effective way of avoiding AIDS. In case of blood transfusion, it is always better to get the screening details of the blood. Similarly in case of organ transplantation screening would save a person from getting infected with HIV.

By spreading education about all the above modes of prevention, we can effectively stop the spread of the virus.

TreatmentTreatment is another area, where AIDS education can play a very vital role. This is because, although HIV is an incurable disease till date, various medications facilities are available which can help conditions from getting worse and delay the arrival of AIDS.

With the help of theses medications an HIV infected person can lead a fairly normal life for a considerably longer period of time. HIV medication helps in preventing the virus from spreading further for a considerably long time. It tries to stop the virus from growing further, as well as stopping it from infecting the unaffected cells. So, AIDS education can help an HIV positive person to live longer.

As it is, by way of spreading awareness, about HIV/AIDS, we can considerably lower the chances of it spreading further. Not just that, AIDS awareness can be an effective tool eradicating various myths and misconceptions regarding AIDS and help those affected with HIV, in leading a normal and healthy life.

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