07 August 2011

How to Help Women to Be HIV Free

Since HIV is such a lethal disease and more than that, it is still an incurable disease, therefore, prevention form HIV infection is the only option that we have on this day. HIV spreads through mainly three ways i.e. through seminal/vaginal fluids, through infected blood or syringes and from a mother to her child, during her pregnancy as well as through breast milk. The idea of prevention from HIV focuses around blocking HIV trespass through these modes. As it is protection for women are more or less the same as that of men. The following are some of the ways of prevention from HIV infection:

1. Sexual abstinenceUnprotected sex is one of the major reasons for spread of HIV at such a rapid rate. Therefore the best thing to do for you, if you do not wish to be infected with it is, to go for total abstinence from sexual activity, till you are married to a person who is tested free of HIV.

2. Monogamous relationship You always have the chances of getting infected with HIV, if you are having sex with a number of people. So, a monogamous sexual relationship with a person tested free of HIV, who is equally faithful to you; considerably reduces your chances of HIV infection.

3. Sexual protection measuresYou should never indulge in unprotected sex. Although condoms do not completely eliminate your chances of HIV infection; they surely do reduce your chances of infection by a considerable margin. If your partner is not using any barrier, then you always have the option of a female condom.

4. Avoid open cuts and woundsOpen cuts and wounds considerably increase your chances of contacting HIV. It is therefore advisable to refrain from open cuts and wounds.

5. Use sterilized needles If you do not wish to be infected with HIV; then in that case you should always use sterilized needles and disposable syringes. This too reduces your chances of infection by a significant margin. Avoid piercing and tattoos; and even if you do wish to get a tattoo or piercing job done, then make sure, that the needles are properly sterilized.

6. Blood transfusion basics In case of blood transfusion, you should always get the screening details of the blood. Similarly in case of organ transplantation screening would save you from getting infected with HIV.

7. Lesbian activityA number of sexual activities like fingering, as well as by way of sharing sex toys have reported to have caused HIV infection among lesbians.

Although HIV is growing at a very fast rate, you can always save yourself from getting infected with it. Therefore, save not just yourself, but others as well by sharing the above information.

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