02 August 2011

How to Cure Hiv Aids

With a recent spurt in the rise of HIV infection cases, the need to curb its growth is getting bigger every day. To address this critical situation many government and non-government organizations have taken some vital steps in this regard.

As it is, a number of steps have been taken to address the grave situation, which is there right in front of us, staring at our face. In the last few years many institutions have come up for the cause and many important steps were taken. Some of them are as follows:

1. Steps in regard to prevention
The basic idea is to increase awareness in relation to the spread of HIV/AIDS. This is a very effective step because, unawareness about HIV is adding to its spread. The following are some of the steps which have been taken in regard to prevention:

a. Increasing awareness
In order to increase awareness about HIV infection, how dangerous it is and what prevention measures can be taken; various public messages have been designed. Through print and electronic media these messages are brought to the notice of the average guy. So, when John reads the message in the newspaper, or watches the messages on television; he knows how dangerous unprotected sexual intercourse or sharing needles can be. He also knows how to protect himself from HIV.

Along with this, special seminars and awareness meets are being conducted on a regular basis both at the rural as well as the urban level. Such meets and seminars are also conducted at schools and colleges, to increase awareness among teens and young people. It would be interesting to know that, even private organizations are extending help for this cause.

b. Setting up of HIV testing centers
A majority of infections take place unknowingly, as people are not aware of their HIV status. As a result, they unknowingly pass on the virus to others. With a person being aware that he is HIV positive, he is less likely to transfer it to others.

c. Setting up of condom vending machines
Condom vending machines at workplaces, as well as public places, is also an important step in this regard. Easy access to such barriers lowers the chances of unprotected sex.

2.Steps in regard to rehabilitation and eradicating myths
Several myths and misconceptions in regard to HIV are responsible for the further spread of the virus. These myths are also addressed in the public messages featured in newspapers and television.

Also, steps in regard to guarantee equal status for HIV positive people have been taken, in order to avoid discrimination against them. As it is according to the rules and regulations in many countries, discrimination on the basis of HIV infection is a punishable offense.

Although such steps have been quite effective in our fight against HIV/AIDS, a lot more is still required to do. And even Tom, Dick and Harry can contribute to our fight against HIV/AIDS.

Aids : Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
HIV : Human Immunodeficiency Virus

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