04 August 2011

First Sign Of Hiv Aids Infection

According to a recent report more than thirty three million people across the globe today; are living with the HIV virus. A major reason for this widespread advance of HIV is that in most of the cases it is not actually accompanied by any visible symptoms in the initial stages.

So, a person may be infected with the virus and may still live a very healthy life for a very long time. However signs begin to show, once the immune system breaks down, and the person is on the verge of developing AIDS. By this time, it is already too late.

A person infected with HIV may show some or all of the following initial signs:

1. Sudden weight loss- This is a major symptom which is quite visible and hence should not be taken lightly. An infected person may lose weight drastically, often within a few weeks time. Therefore if you have lost weight drastically over a short period of time, it is better to get an HIV test done.

2. Bouts of extreme exhaustion- A person infected with HIV may suffer from extreme bouts of exhaustion, which are often unexplained. Such unnatural occurrences may happen any time and are warning signs for the patient. As it is, bouts of exhaustion may be due to other reasons, but whatever may be the reason, it is always better to consult a physician.

3. Fever- Fever or Pyrexia refers to a condition where a person suffers from increased body temperature i.e. a body temperature higher than 98.6 degree F. It is accompanied by an increased heart rate, muscle tone, as well as shivering. In case of HIV infection, the patient gets fever on a frequent basis.

4. Night sweats- Night sweats can be referred to as severe hot flashes which occur during the night, resulting in severe perspiration. At times patient gets totally drenched in sweat. Such a stage may last between 30 seconds to several minutes as well. Night sweats may occur due to a number of reasons, but if such a condition occur on a frequent basis, then you need to get your HIV test done.

5. Chronic Diarrhea- A person infected with HIV, may suffer from chronic diarrhea, which may last for a month or more. Such a condition is extremely critical and needs immediate action. In most circumstances, when medicines do not work in such circumstances, you must get your HIV test done.

6. Easy bruising- A person suffering from HIV may develop easy bruising on the body. This may happen any time and are often unexplained. As the immune system is already damaged, the bruises do not heal easily and may result in open wounds.

7. Chronic yeast infection or thrush- A person infected with HIV may develop chronic yeast infection and thrush, which is an infection of the mucous membrane of the mouth, caused by Candida (a fungal genus). Yeast infection may occur due to many reasons and are pretty common especially among women.

It is always better to get your self tested for HIV, so that you do not spread the virus to your loved ones. It is therefore; better, to get an HIV test done if you suffer from the above symptoms. It might be possible, that you may suffer from the above symptoms, without any HIV infection, but nevertheless, timely detection can improve the lifespan of the patient by a very great margin.

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