05 August 2011

Confidential Hiv Aids Testing

HIV is one of biggest problems that we face today, causing millions of deaths all across the globe. Sadly, HIV still does not have any cure till date, which makes it a very difficult situation for us to handle. A major factor which has changed the situation from bad to worse is unawareness. As we see all around us, the world is filled with undetected cases of HIV infections. This is a potential danger. People most often, unknowingly infect others, who in turn pass the virus to someone else. This way, the cycle continues. More so, the number of undetected cases may be far more than what our rough estimates may suggest.

To deal with this situation, the HIV testing can be a safe bet. It can prove to be an important tool in stopping the disease from spreading further. As it is, HIV testing are confidential and names of those, who are found to be HIV positive are closely guarded secrets and are not revealed to anyone, except in situations, when the HIV patient is putting others to the risk of infection.

As it is, you can go for a confidential HIV testing via two modes.

Confidential HIV testing at an HIV testing centerAn HIV testing center is the best place to go for HIV testing. As it is HIV testing involves collection of your blood and saliva samples. Results are told personally, so no one except you knows about the outcome of the tests.

It has to be noted here that although you may have been infected by HIV, you may not show any visible symptoms and tests may even suggest that you are HIV negative. Due to this reason, a second test is conducted after six months to arrive at a valid conclusion. This because, it may take three to five months for HIV to grow up to detectable limits; after you have been exposed to it.

Confidential HIV testing with the help of an HIV Home testing KitAnother mode of confidential HIV testing is to go for a home HIV testing kit. In a home HIV testing kit, you are required to take samples of your blood and saliva at home, with the help of an HIV home testing kit and send them to an HIV testing center. Also, new kits are also available, which do not even require you to send your samples to a testing center. They would readily show you the results within a few minutes.

Although such kits are quite helpful in maintaining confidentiality; to arrive at a valid conclusion, you will have to go to an HIV testing center. This is because, most of these testing kits in the market are not approved by the FDA and may give you wrong information.

Confidentiality is an important aspect of HIV testing. This is done to avoid discrimination which can be meted out to the affected person. Therefore, Government has made strict rules regarding confidentiality.

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