26 July 2011

HIV and AIDS Facts

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is the most dreaded disease of our times. Although the very first recordings of HIV have not been very long ago, yet it has been able to spread its tentacles at a very alarming rate, infecting millions of people all across the globe. A major cause of HIV spreading at such a high rate is unawareness. Various myths and misconceptions add to the problem.

The most dangerous aspect of HIV is the fact that it affects the immune system of the body, leaving you exposed to a number of diseases, with virtually no protection of any kind. With the immune system itself being damaged, an HIV+ patient is left with absolutely no hope, for recovery. This is because HIV is still an incurable disease till date; and though we have many scientists claiming to find a cure, we still lack conclusive evidence on their part.

As it is, latest studies have come up with some disturbing facts. Some of them are as follows:

1. Nearly twenty five million deaths due to AIDS have been recorded in the past twenty five years. This means that on an average, around one million people die due to AIDS each year. Although there has been significant improvement in retroviral medication techniques in the past few years, yet complacency should be the last thing in our mind when dealing with HIV/AIDS.

2. In the year 2007 itself, it has been estimated that as many as two million people have died due to AIDS. This is a significant number and gives us a brief idea of what is in store for us in future, if we do not take timely action.

3. It is also estimated, that as many as thirty three million people are living with HIV infection, along with two and a half million new cases in the year 2007 itself. This is a great setback for us in our efforts to stop HIV/AIDS from strengthening its roots.

4. It has also been estimated that more than ninety percent of HIV infected people live in the developing nations. This is another matter of great concern. This is because; these nations do not have adequate facilities to deal with the problem of HIV/AIDS infection. As it is lack of proper education as well as proper medical facilities, make the situation much worse.

5. The number of children living with HIV infection is also relatively high and is estimated to be more than two million. With more than four hundred and twenty thousand HIV related deaths among children in the year 2007, the situation is truly nerve wracking.

The above estimates however, are only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, actual number of HIV infected cases, may be far more than this. It therefore calls for swift action from our side, in order to tackle this nuisance called HIV.

Aids : Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
HIV : Human Immunodeficiency Virus

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