28 July 2011

Hiv Aids Information

As we all know, that HIV / AIDS is one of the most serious problems that we face in current times. The situation is in fact getting worse, everyday, as we see a continuous rise in the number of cases of HIV / AIDS infection. HIV is spreading its tentacles at a great speed. It is due to this reason that makes it a grave danger to the entire mankind. You must always remember that it is you and me, who can actually change the situation. The best way to reduce the impact of HIV, as well as to degrade its spread further, is to spread awareness about HIV / AIDS.

The following are a few vital pieces of information, in regard to this problem:

1. Transmission
There are many theories floated around the world, in regard to the modes of transmission of HIV from one person to another. However most of these theories are mere myths, with absolutely no scientific justifications of any kind. Till date, there are mainly three conclusive modes of transmission which is known to us; transmission through seminal/vaginal fluids, transmission through blood and transmission from a mother to her child, which also includes transmission through breast milk as well.

2. Prevention
Since HIV is still an incurable disease, therefore, prevention from HIV / AIDS is the only solution that we have, as far as curing the disease is concerned. For prevention from HIV, you need to do a lot many things. One of the best ways of prevention is to go for total abstinence from sexual activity, till you are married to a person who is tested free of HIV. You should never indulge in unprotected sex. Always use condoms, to avoid HIV.

Apart from that, it is also advisable to refrain from open cuts and wounds. Also, you should always use sterilized needles and disposable syringes. In case of blood transfusion, you should always get the screening details of the blood. Similarly in case of organ transplantation screening would save you from getting infected with HIV. If you are pregnant, it is better to get an HIV test done.

3. Treatment
Although HIV is an incurable disease till date, various medications facilities are available which can help conditions from getting worse and delay the arrival of AIDS. With the help of theses medications an HIV infected person can lead a fairly normal life for a considerably longer period of time. HIV medication helps in preventing the virus from spreading further for a considerably long time. It tries to stop the virus from growing further, as well as stopping it from infecting the unaffected cells.

As it is, by way of spreading awareness, about HIV / AIDS, we can considerably lower the chances of it spreading further. Also, it is necessary to deal with the stigma and misconceptions associated with HIV / AIDS.

Aids : Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
HIV : Human Immunodeficiency Virus

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